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Fynch is a Destiny 2 Bounty that will require players to complete a number of quests. Completing these quests will reward players with The Witch Queen and Crucible Marks, along with additional rewards if they choose to upgrade the bounty to its highest rank. If a player does not wish to undertake either one of these quests, they can simply choose to skip it. For all the players who want more from their Destiny 2 adventures, Fynch is an excellent choice.

For those looking to level up their characters in The Witch Queen, Fynch is an essential destination. Whether you’re looking to earn weekly reputation, rank up your Nightfall with new equipment, or simply find the best item for your character, Fynch has everything you need. In addition to all the rewards you’ll get from leveling up, Fynch is also home to several new end-game activities and a weekly reset of high-level loot. Don’t miss out on these rewards as they’ll only be available for a limited time.*Destiny 2 Fynch is located on Titan and involves going to the same site during each reset day.

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